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Little Fire by Camero Jones

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Camero Jones

On January 4th,1959 Michael McGregor and his band of Irish IRA mercenaries from Belfast have escaped the British empire and are wanted for murder. They have made their way to the jungles of the Belgian Congo and are about to raid their first blood diamond slave camp. With amazing courage and fighting skills, they rout the camp guards and come away with over $1,000,000 in gems and a small army of loyal soldiers of freed blood diamond slaves.

It is at this camp Michael meets the exotic beauty and his future wife Jett and his loyal soldier Bella. Jett is a highly skilled killer who wants vengeance for her betrayal by her European royal father. Her father left her in the Congo to rot and she became a camp prostitute while she was in her teens and now that family wants Jett dead at any cost to stop their European royal blood line from ever leaving the Congo.

Bella, a former judge of the Belgian Congo and Jett’s guardian wants revenge for her enslavement by African war lords and helps Michael and his Irish soldiers become the greatest mercenaries of Africa.

But seventeen years later Michael McGregor’s son Aiden McGregor loses his sister by murder. Murdered by his father’s nemesis Spengler, a global murderer and power broker for the world’s wealthiest families and corporations. Aiden sets out to murder both father and mother for their treachery and disgusting lifestyle of murder and torture of wealthy Europeans. He is also going to destroy Spengler’s global empire for the murder of his sister.

He enlist the help of Doctor Pim, his father’s field medic along with Bobby knight a local pimp along with four young African girls looking for revenge against the brutal Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin Dada Oumee.

Aiden McGregor finds the Belgian traitors who left his sister unguarded for money and tortures them for information about the two Ugandan henchman who raped and tortured his sister. When he finds the Ugandan henchman there is no mercy to be found as Aiden tears them apart.

Rescuing Bobby Knights sister Kim, along with his hookers from Colombian drug lords, serendipity puts Aiden in contact with his father’s former soldiers who are now living in Accra Ghana and playing the part of Irish priest’s secretly working as intelligence agents for the IRA.

Aiden welcomes the help of Michael McGregor’s former soldier Steven Flynn and two other soldiers who have been ordered by the IRA to stop Michael and Jett McGregor at all cost and they have the perfect killing Machine to do it, Michael’s son, Aiden McGregor.

Aiden McGregor, the fourteen-year-old son of the greatest Irish IRA mercenary to do battle in sub Saharan Africa and is out to wreak havoc on the people who raped and murdered the only person he ever cared about, his sister. Living in Accra Ghana he starts with the Judas Belgian traitors who walked away from their duty of watching his sister and selling her out to the powers to be.

Then moving on to the Ugandan killers, and plenty more human scum, he punishes his targets without mercy. He is fast and powerful like a jungle cat exacting vengeance on the wealthy Europeans and jungle warlords responsible for his sister’s death. But he is honing his skills to kill the people truly responsible for his sister’s death, Michael and Jett McGregor, his parents.